Support your church

SYC Clothing Collection Program managed by Envirotex provides essential funding for your Church and increased awareness for recycling clothing. Envirotex provides clothing recycling Sheds in sites across Canada.

A portion of the proceeds from the clothing collection will help YOUR CHURCH fund its much-needed programs. We collect clothing through the use of clothing donation sheds located at Churches and Community Centres. Each center depending on its traffic density and square footage is able to support different size units. Our sheds are well maintained and serviced frequently. Church goers can conveniently deposit clothing and Envirotexis responsible for the logistics and services required for the collection program.

Benefits of Recycling Used Clothing

Useful recyclable clothing is often discarded because it is no longer fashionable or the right size. These articles may have little wear and tear when they are thrown out. Such items would be welcomed by others here in Canada and in developing countries where goods of such quality are too expensive or unavailable.

Recycling provides an opportunity to give a useful second life to clothing.

Envirotex Recycling Inc.

Envirotex Recycling is a professional clothing collector, recycler and exporter. Our business helps to divert clothing from landfills and provides a source of supply for developing nations. By making it convenient for the community to recycle their used clothing, we positively impact society and the environment, while providing an additional method of funding for non-profit organizations.

How the shed works

  1. We place a used clothing drop off shed at a local Church or Community Centre.
  2. Community members donate clothing by placing it in the shed.
  3. We collect the clothing donations when the shed is full and distribute them locally in Canada.
  4. We give funding to your Church for the clothing collected at the shed.
  5. They, in turn, use the money as they see fit. Our partners have used the money for youth groups, sports teams, mission projects, and other community-oriented activities.

What type of funding should we expect?

  • The average shed will fill up once or twice a month.
  • We pay $300 per full pickup. This is about $3600 to $7200 per year.


Envirotex provides all regularly scheduled maintenance, including:

  • Clothing pick-up
  • Training staff on how to properly pack shed to maximize space
  • Proper signage of allowable donations
  • Removal and repairs of any damagedshed
  • Removing any unwanted item left at shed

We are committed to long relationships with our partners. Our attention to the unique requirements of each of our partners is what will make the relationship with Envirotex successful.