Clothing Donation Bins

Recycling bins have become commonplace in our communities. Clothing recycling bins are placed at shopping malls, retail outlets and other locations. We work with retail management companies and we make every effort to uphold their reputations.

Our hosts have spent considerable time and money on landscaping and architectural design and therefore we strive to keep clothing bins sites in perfect order. Hosting our clothing collection bins is a simple way for retail management companies to contribute to environmental waste reduction and to support local charities.

Working with Envirotex creates an opportunity for your customers to recycle where they shop and shop where they recycle.

Our responsibilities

Envirotex provides all regularly scheduled maintenance, including:

  • Frequent clothing pick-up
  • Cleaning of property around bins
  • Snow and ice removal, on and around bins
  • Removal and repairs of any defaced bins

Envirotex can pay retail management hosts a nominal monthly rental fee per clothing collection bin. In addition, our clothing collection bins are fully insured.

We are committed to long relationships with our partners. Our attention to the unique requirements of each of our partners and customers will be the difference in the success of Envirotex.